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To raise a people totally committed to the Lordship of Christ in every aspect of life, Living up to the standard that God intends for them as an army who hate iniquity with perfect hatred! We are committed to expanding God's Kingdom as an army of the Lord in violent opposition to worldliness as we stand as a godly, purposeful and sound people who reveal the glory Jesus in all dimensions of life.

Strategy For Fulfillment

By creating an atmosphere conducive to praise and worship, fear of God, pursuit of righteousness and true holiness, prevailing prayer and His abiding presence - thereby giving opportunity for the full expression of His Kingdom, Power and Glory; By impacting our campus through regular evangelism, from hall to hall, from room to room, morning cries, lecture theatre preaching, maximizing every opportunity he gives us to at least save some and setting men free by exposure to knowledge of God's truth.

List of Chapters

    Lagos State
    Ado Ekiti / Akure
    Port- Harcourt

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Annual Due Payment!
All annual dues should be paid to our GTBank Account.
Account No: 0019590528.
Account Name: ECU Alumni.
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