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ECU, a foundation of solid discipleship

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I entered Ife during the 1991/92 session to read physiotherapy and I graduated in March 1997. I had become a Christian before entering Ife and served in a leadership position at the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), Federal School of Arts and Science Sokoto where I did my A/ Levels. However, this did not prepare me for the deep dimension of discipleship and Christian service that I learnt in this informal school of ministry called ECU.

I had made up my mind based on my FCS experience to join a non-denomination fellowship, so it was not difficult for me to gravitate towards ECU even though I was a Baptist by background. Some early experiences in Ife opened my eyes to the great things that lay in stock in ECU. I will mention only two here.

What makes Ife great, a message delivered by Dr. Joe Takon, a former ECU president who was the main speaker for the University joint Christian Mission UJCM)s welcome programme for ˜Jambites was one of those early experiences. Brother Takon, being an anointed and eloquent speaker that he is, spoke glowingly about his days in Ife, particularly in ECU. His passion and drive were contagious. I think it was at this meeting that I made a commitment to avail myself of all the opportunities for God to train me via ECU.

I also recall with nostalgia an Ife city crusade organized by ECU when I was in part one. I remember the zeal with which we went around Ife Township evangelizing and advertising for the crusade. Some ECU drama costumes were worn by some of us and I remember the brother coordinating the event (I think it was Lekan Akodu, one time drama chief) throwing a black costume with skeleton drawn in white paint (signifying death) at me. My lot was to wear this costume and cry ˜repent for the wages of sin is death as other brethren evangelized and invited people to the crusade. This I did without fear or shame through Ife town. I believe the grace and the unction of God saw me through, as naturally speaking, I am not a ˜drama person.

The highlights of the crusade for me were the speakers. They were none other but our own Emmanuel Ogbechie and Gboyega Shitta. I was challenged by the fact that
these were men of like passion and fellow students being used mightily in this way by God. Needless to say that many souls were saved and notable miracles
were wrought to the glory of God. I further resolved to seek God and know Him personally for myself, and if possible to be used by him. I became a regular
visitor to fields in Sports Centre during the next five years of my stay on the campus.

I served in follow up school and later represented ECU in UJCM as the General Secretary but my sub-group was World Prayer Band. Here, we agonized in our
meetings for unreached and closed nations of the world. We were delighted when in the early 1990s, news came that the communist wall in the former Soviet Union
had fallen and the nations there had become open to the gospel. Looking back, its interesting to note that our prayer meetings in the sub-group were not
about what God can do for us as I cannot remember us taking personal prayer requests. Those meetings were about bringing His kingdom and rule to bear over
nations of the earth. I would say my little involvement in mission today, is due to my experience of praying in World Prayer Band and of course to the mission
exposure that ECU offered us. I recall brethren travelling to Benin Republic and far away Niger Republic to take the gospel to the people in darkness. I also
recall us going for a mission outreach at Kuta village in Osun state. There we made do with minimal comfort by sleeping in a church auditorium and bathing in the open. We would go for house to house evangelism during the day and do crusades in the evening. On one of our evangelism, brethren gathered round a blind man that we encountered on the street and prayed for him and God restored his sight.

Thank God for the founding fathers of ECU and the covenant which I believe they entered with God that generation to generation of ECUites still enjoy today.
Recently, in a Capro United Kingdom meeting that held in our house, I met one of those, in the person of uncle Peter Ozodo. Uncle Peter was ECU president in the
late 1960s or early 1970s (not sure now) and it was a privilege and joy not only to hear a bit of what happened during their days in ECU but also Gods exploit
through them in Capro.

If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Ps 11:3. I thank God for the foundation of solid discipleship, service, holiness, balanced bible teachings prevailing prayers and spiritual warfare that I received in ECU. I recall a series on spiritual warfare done by uncles Emeka Nwakpa and Steve
Okitika (both ex ECUites) to the Christian body on campus. I can say with thanks to God that the reason my anchor still holds in Christ despite lifes
challenges and a battle is this good foundation. In ECU, I learnt how to travail and prevail with God in prayers and we have seen God won personal battles of
life for us times and again.

God is helping us as a family to serve Him ˜silently and fruitfully in a predominantly white church that we attend in the part of the United Kingdom
where we live. I say with all humility and gratitude to God that this could not have been possible but for the training at ECU.

I attend regularly the alumni meetings in London and its always a time when ˜iron sharpens iron and a time that we remind ourselves of the common
heritage that we have in God via ECU. I will be in the next one on the 24th April 2010 by Gods grace.

God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His word says, ˜one generation shall praise thy works unto another... Ps 145:4. Can I implore us (ECU
alumni) to carry a burden for the student fellowship? Can we continually plead with God that whatever it is that is in ECU that makes men go there as
˜ordinary men and leave after 3, 4, 5 or 6 years, transformed, sanctified and meet for the Masters use will not stop? Can we continually ask God to
preserve His heritage in the midst of the decadence and gospel of convenience that abound in these times? Can we ask Him that it will continue to please Him
to find men (and of course women) in ECU that are breakable, mouldable, fillable and useable for His glory? Can we?

Finally, please sing this song that we used to sing with me if you know it:
˜Praise the Lord, the God of ECU is still alive, praise the Lord; He never changeth at all at all.

Joshua Opayinka

ECU prepared its members for fruitful service in the Kingdom

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Once after relocating from one part of London to another, I had a chat with the pastor of the new church I was attending who himself happened to be an ECU alumnus, although several generations ahead of me in ECU. In the course of our discussion, he indicated he would so much love that I partnered with him in building the church. His confidence in me then was based simply on the fact that I had passed through ECU and also had the privilege of holding a leadership position (as World Prayer Band Leader 1997). In a nutshell, he told me he had that great confidence in the quality of the Christian life that people who passed through ECU possess!

I came to Great Ife in 1993/94 session but having been attending a 'small-sized' church at home; I felt I would like to join a 'big' fellowship on campus for a change. So when I saw the big ECU bus (aka God's faithfulness, I think), I naturally gravitated towards the fellowship and became a member. What was unique about my ECU experience? Several! The commitment to the pursuit of righteousness was the greatest singular defining experience I could talk of. That commitment shaped my life in no small way and continues to do so even now, 12 years after graduating. The heavenly congregational worship led by the blessed ECU choir in our services at All Souls Chapel every Sunday 3pm-6pm remain a unique reference point till date. I also observed ECU prepared its members for fruitful service in the Kingdom more than any other thing. It was more about what you want to do for God than what you can collect from God. It was through ECU I learnt to pray to get results and spend quality time in God's presence consistently.

Through ECU- the people I met and the opportunities that came my way there, I learnt the value of the Word and how to receive life-transforming insights from scriptures. The demands of ECU inevitably placed me in a position to develop discipline habits, beneficial paradigm and a balanced Christian life. The days of Abagboro for Exco retreats; the various Easter, fellowship and subgroup retreats on Campus, UNILAG, Ilesa etc which sometimes necessitated my staying back on campus, were life transforming. I enjoyed quality relationships with others as an ECUite, all of which aided me in different areas of my life. I was equally blessed to find my wife in ECU, having started the 'moves' on her in my final year. I can say confidently that the man that came to ECU in 1993/94 was not the same me that left in 1997/98.

Moreover, having grown wiser since then, I have now realized that the generations of former ECUites owe the current and future generations a sacred duty of helping them become all they can become in God. I therefore see the Alumni body as a unique platform to be able to reach out to the next generation of ECU to offer them all the needed support- spiritually, financially, academically, career-wise and in all ramifications. To this end, I will be taking steps to renew my commitment to the Alumni body by way of participation and giving in order to sustain this glorious legacy. God bless

Ayo Adebamowo

ECU Memories

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Some months ago I decided to post on Facebook, over sixty photos from my ECU days, dating back to over 20 years ago.

For almost a year now these photos have prompted a lot of reactions from ex-ECU-ites (like I call them).

Here are a few of those reactions:

I almost shed tears of joy looking at those pictures and remembering those wonderful days, the love, joy and oneness we shared as brethren ~ Golden Kailo

I thank God for ECU. And I thank God that we're still thanking God. ~ Pastor Sean Akinrele

E CU - what a training ground! We thank God for His faithfulness. – Bode Akindele

ECU- wonderful fellowship, great friends, beautiful communion. Let's continue to earnestly contend for the faith which was delivered to us long ago as we look unto Jesus who is the beginning and completion of our faith – Gbenga Daramola

I have enjoyed going through these pics, names that I only heard of as a student (I was in Ife in '94-'01 and only know 4-5 folks mainly), now having faces. Your testimony spoke to us and still burns bright. May God keep us all unto His perfect day....

God richly bless you, Bayo, and all the ex-ECUs. ECU was my life and everything, so to speak. And God blessed us to no ends despite the many limitations of our particular environment. If I have to live my life all over again, I would doubtless be in ECU, except with one addition perhaps: that I will might be a member of the royal family of England. "Prince Joseph goes to Unife," the press would report. ~ Pastor Joe Takon

ECU was ‘it’ for me too, though I spent 7 years on a four year course (I’m not proud of that bit but I’m not ashamed either) I'm glad ECU made it worthwhile in every way, I have no regrets; none whatsoever ~ Kunle Olowosoyo

There was something about the years in ECU that shaped all of us. Almost all of us will agree with me that our true spiritual DNA is not just that of the Christian movements we are presently part of. Rather it is rooted in the deep dealings of God in our lives in those formative years in ECU.

That is why ECU Alumni is so important to all of us. It gives us all an opportunity to keep strengthening the ECU body in Ife. So that new generations can continue to experience the same baptism we did and be positioned for usefulness where ever God takes them afterwards. The ECU Alumni also creates for us, who have drunk from the same fountain, an atmosphere where we can continue to provoke each other to love and good works in these dark times. I thank God for ECU. Don’t you?

Chimezie Onyebilanma
Serving the unreached with CAPRO in South Africa

A tale of Mr 'X'!

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On a day like this, I want to bring to memory some things 'love' brought about while we were in ECU.

I'm writing today about a young man who was my room mate in Angola hall. For the purpose of anonymity I'll call him mr 'X'. He was an engineering student who as at when we were roommates was probably involved with some asian religion, and he regularly did unusual 'meditations' in the room.

I suddenly observed at a time that Mr 'X' started attending ECU service, I was happy and guessed he had been invited by another friend and co - roommate; Emmanuel Bolofinde. On interaction with him however, I found out he has been coming to ECU because he had spotted a pretty usher in ECU who captivated his attention. Unknown to this beautiful sister; who I'll call RolakeG (I guess she may even be knowing this for the first time), Mr 'X' comes to ECU just to shake hands with her and he goes back to his room relishing the experience. He got so infatuated that all his roommates already knew her name. According to him even the name is romantic: Rollicks! Unfortunately, I don't think Rolake even knew this guy at all.

At the turn of the next choice, she was moved to be a Follow up teacher. Mr 'X' then decided to join follow up school, hoping to become her student. He even told me that if he's assigned to another teacher he won't come back to follow up school.

When Mr 'X' got to follow up school he was assigned as a student to another sister by the name Deola. According to him, he looked at the sister and told himself that this person too is beautiful and he decided to stay.

That was the beginning of Mr 'X' s salvation story...he gave his life to Christ in follow up school and all his infatuations became translated into a love for the Lord.

By the time he graduated, he was a commited member of Hospital Visit Subgroup in ECU. He had also located his calling as an intercessor and became an active member of Intercessors for Nigeria. I don't think he ever got close to Rolake after he got born again. He was close to Deola who was her follow up teacher (and I guess led him to christ) but without strings attached. When he was graduating, I reminded him of his former fantasies and he laughed. He gained a brand new life in his chase of vanity!

This is one of the more unusual stories of what God did 'silently' in ECU, and He is the same God today. Being part of such a special people, contributing positively to growth both of the student and alumni fellowship, attending the few Chapter Meetings and the biannual Reunion, and giving the token that is our annual due, is the very least we can do to propagate our testimony. For indeed, the God of ECU remains alive forever in our hearts, lives and pockets!

Oluwadotun Akinseinde

ECU was about impacting the next fellow

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I make it a pt. of duty to read the ECU pool mails. But i was esp. interested in the write-ups on "my ecu series". Honestly I cannot encapsulate my 5 yrs experience in few words, but ECU left an indelible mark in our existence ( i am speaking on my behalf and that of my three sisters and my husband who are all
ECU alumni ).

In d last one week, I went to OAU twice (my first in 17 yrs) and I realized not much changed as per the structures and the general academic environment. What changed were the people in it.

I recalled with nostalgia my various encounter with God there. That day I actually shed tears on the campus. I realized the best memories of my 5 yr sourjourn in OAU were the encounters with God and the brotherhood that ECU offered me. ECU then was not about "me, mine" or self. "It was about "what impact can I have on the next fellow".

Some of these brethren I may never see until we reach the other side of eternity, but I will always cherish the memories of times spent together. And will forever be grateful to God for their lives.

Having served in leadership position from my part 2 to part 5 (1988/89 Campus evangelism assit. subgrp leader,1989/90 Followup teacher, 1990/91 Fellowship librarian, 1991/92 FYB Fin. Sec.) I believe my experience there form building
blocks for what we are doing in ministry today.

I av also made up my mind to be at the next reunion God willing. I want to encourage everyone to do the same.It will be nice to be back to our "roots".

Bros Bayo & Opanubi and their team are doing a great job. Be encouraged, d word of God says you should not be weary, for in due season u will reap if u faint not.(Gal. 5:9). Keep praying for more grace for the rest of us.

Also i guess the 5k is not a limit either people should be able to drop what they have anytime they want to.

Lastly I noticed the catch phrase av changed. Maybe I am a chip off the old block but I still prefer "Our destination is God".

Sis. Abosede Adeola Oyeleye(Nee Adewuyi)1992 graduating set.

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