CALL..Don't Flash

Being a big brother is not a hard job if you can answer simple questions like the one my six-year old cousin posed when we had finished reading from Psalm 50v15
His question was, "How come God keeps telling us to call Him without leaving his GSM number" . Just then a friend of mine flashed me again. This question and the following incident got me thinking. How many of us are busy flashing God; how many of us are calling Him?

A pastor friend of mine, and senior friend of ECU once said, "Several of us are so used to flashing that we
even Flash God. God said Call me not Flash me." This brings up the question has our prayers, in our little
busy worlds turned to Flashing? or do we still bother to call God. Do we take time to talk, dialog, and discuss with Him? He has promised us that when we call it won't go into voicemail, and we won't hear the voice of an angel say "God is either switched off, or out of Prayer network" He has said, "when they call me I will answer..."Psalm 91:15, NLT

Love, somebody said, is spelt T-I-M-E. How can we say we love the Lord if we don't want to 'waste' our
'airtime' or credits of time on Him. Martha kept flashing Jesus with 'Well done', 'E ku ise' "I hope everything is OK' 'Thank you Jesus for the day' , "be with me guide me, protect me...','Bless this food, o Lord...' and other short mindless routine prayers, then she would return to her kitchen as we return to our daily labors. but Mary not only call but she would talk, listen, and learn (Luke 10:38-41).

Dont' flash God, call Him.

"When they call on me i will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue them and honor them"
(Psalm 91:15, NLT)

Folu Dele-Ijagbulu
ECU, Alumni Relations Chief

PS: if you need help you can send text to me on 080…. flash ECU on 080…. (shekinah biz venture) - we don't mind, and call ECU Alumni Relations committee on ...(oh?!, we are waiting for
Globacom to reach Ife). Shalom!

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