It's been a mixed grill

Sometimes being PRO of a body like this could be an unpleasant a yo-yo ride.

Greetings, All; and I sure hope that you had a great Christmas - without an 'X'. For the world, an 'X' has replaced the 'Christ' in the season, and it has become more of a carnival than the great gift that it is to humanity. However, let me advise you to hold on to the real significance of Christmas, because without Christ, the whole fiasco of life simply doesnt make sense.

In our lives and nation, I fear that never before has Christ been more needed, and never before has He been more disregarded in tackling the issues of life.

The consequences are dire.

On a national front, a few profiteers recently assisted about 700 people to untimely mass graves courtesy of petrol explosions; a civilian President is trying to play God by sacking his Vice, every political structure seems to be spouting candidates via clique decisions rather than votes, and all looks shaky, shaky, shaky.

In industry, we dont really know if Dangote&Transcorp are deals of the century or rip-offs, we have the Cadbury issue which frankly I dont believe simply because too many 'objective parties' have much to gain from it, and at the risk of sounding partisan I dont understand the hanging out to dry of two respected citizens for an unclear issue for which personal culpability is not established. Sure, every bank is declaring profits in the billions, but quite a number of bankers, civil servants etc have become jobless courtesy of 'development'

Closer home, I am faced with the joy of weddings, promotions, employment testimonies and a dear brother just started off his 'fruitful season' with a set of twins. Yet in this family I have brethren without jobs for 3 years, believing God for breakthroughs, and one of my dearest ones who left ECU in 2001 like me, went to be with the Lord last week. I wept.

Okay, Okay, you know your usually cheerful PRO is in a mood today, so lets project forward to better things in 2007.

You wish.

Elections must hold but no one - simply no one, can confidently say how free, fair and casualty-free they would be - for a start, most party primaries weere not. Everyone and his dog has an issue to grumble about. We have a 25 year railway plan which should benefit our grandchildren if Christ tarries. Everyone is trying not to plan any event e.g wedding for May-June 07 because of uncertainties. Secession is discussed by some, revolution by others. Many see military rule as an option - as if our present political space is not dictatorial enough. The percentage of people on living below poverty line keeps increasing with no clear plan to remedy things. 60% of eligible voters cant even register.

Oh, and churches keep increasing. Thats development, at least [?].

We have never had a darker hour & we have never been in greater need of light.

Brethren, we need to seek God seriously, nay desperately, in this hour. Mark my words, only the church - the true church, can drag Nigeria out of its mire. If next year would be greater and better, its up to us. We may not carry placards or join parties [its best if you do], but on our knees we define the boundaries of violence and declare God's will in this nation. Its time to trace our steps to God again for our land.

Over the last few years I have watched with disgust as 'personal Christianity' reigned supreme. It was all about 'me' - bless me, anoint me, wash my feet, lift me, destroy my enemies....' the list goes on.

Its time to pray for the peace of our Jerusalem, because without it we cant have peace. God can bless you, but what of your neighbour? Until God blesses our land we cannot have a general dose of thanksgiving by all.

Its time to plead for grace.

My message to you today is not to prophesy a greater 2007 or declare it your year of whatever. Your church will take care of that - mine, too.

My message to you is this : Determine in your heart that every blessed day of 2007, you will pray for your nation. Not just for your preferred aspirant, party or tribe. Lets in one voice lift our nation to the Lord.

When our nation is blessed, so shall we be. Its one of the by-products of praying for the peace of our Jerusalem.

Have a great new year.


Bayodele Olotu
Public Relations Bro;
ECU Alumni.
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