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Hello All,

Top of the day to you. How are you doing? We trust that in Christ all is well.

This missive is aimed at introducing one of the new initiatives of the Alumni Body which is aimed at assisting the student fellowship to positively impact lives in their environment. For those who are in SW-Nigeria and those who have read the mails sent by the home fellowship, you would agree that they are soldiering on in the face of many odds - inflation, the media, peer pressure, increasing presence of satellite fellowships planted by churches etc. However, the field of souls is as bouyant as ever. As long as there is an unbeliever in sight, no congregation can claim to lack members.

In order to assist the student fellowship who are doing a great job, the Alumni Exco decided on some immediate strategic interventions on two fronts - the Library and the Sound System. Over the next 3 weeks we are raising N1m to replace the sound equipment of the Household of ECU. Dont be left out.

However, today's brief is to introduce the Give-A-Book project.

ECU Library has been a silent symbol of the quest for spiritual knowledge that ECU epitomises. It is thus imperative that we enrich this place because it is the bedrock from which rich and poor can grow at the same pace. We opted to leave renovation of the facility to the students, but all alumni are encouraged to give at least 1 book/Tape/CD to the ECU Library.

We are collating drop points around the nation and would communicate this later in the week. All you need to do is :

- Get the book [You can buy a new book, transfer a decent used one or send a copy of your book]
- On its first page, put your name, year of graduation, email address and optionally write something to encourage those who would read the book for years to come....
- Wrap the book, address it and mail it/drop it at the drop point nearest to you.

No Drop Point Close to Me!!!!
Since we are not DHL [yet], our drop points won’t be exhaustive. However you can mail a book from wherever you are, to ECU/P.O.Box 1003/Ile-Ife/Nigeria.

Er...I have this small shop/supermarket/office/outlet..
Fantastic! We could use it as a drop point. Trust me, all you have to do is accept the donated books; you won’t have to tote them to Ife! Text your name and drop point address to 0802… pleeeeeze. This week. Yes.

Any Target Categories?
Yes. We want books that can edify, inform, encourage, prepare and teach. Any book that can enter your church's library, is qualified. Bibles, Spiritual books, Business Books, Leadership Books, History Books, even academic books. This is one project that everyone can afford to contribute to!

This is fantastic, BUT I live abroad!
That is GREAT, because you have a major opportunity to introduce a new dimension to this project. How about paying for a year's subscription of Harvard Business Review / similar magazine, or buying the latest CDs of T.D Jakes and sending them down [did we mention that tapes and CDs are also accepted?]. All it takes is addressing to the ECU P.O.Box!

This is a project with an end-date of February 15, 2009. The first set of books will be collected and sent to Ife by Dec 31, and the second set on Feb 16. After these dates, you are encouraged to mail all books direct to Ife.

How can we sustain this?
ECU Alumni are in all walks of life, making an impact in this generation. Many of us have written books. This effort can be sustained in a simple way : When you launch your next book, mail a copy of it to ECU, P.O.Box 1003 Ile-Ife. End of story.


This project is one in which we are confident in you that 500 books, not counting CDs & Tapes, will enter ECU within the next 3 months. No matter who you are and where you live, there is a book in your house that ECU can use. And if you have written a book and ECU Library doesn’t have a copy of it, the whole Alumni Exco hereby declare themselves grouchy at you - so remedy the situation quick quick!

Finally, here's a shout-out to Segun Feyisetan [2000/Organising] our first donor, who has landed a brand new Strong's Concordance in my house for this project!

Have a great week, and expect details of the drop points later this week.


Bayo Olotu, PMP
Project Manager

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