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People of God,

Happy New Year and welcome to our year of all round possibilities. For those of us that have lived 2010 (yes, 2010!), we can attest to the fact that it WAS indeed a successful year (full of great testimonies)!!! I challenge you to be expectant and act like a champion that you are!

As we set out this year and years to come, it is our desire to turn the Alumni into a village (a small one for that matter). We shall regularly meet at the village square (e-channels: Facebook; emails; ECU website and blogs) to discuss issues that affect our spirit, soul and body.

Starting from mid January, 2010, we‘ll be ushered into the year with MY ECU series (a platform to communicate to everyone
from unique standpoints of various brethren on the need for the ECU Alumni Body, its values, testimonies etc). The vehicle for this would be 12 weekly articles tagged MY ECU which will go live from Sunday 17thJanuary, 2010.

We seek your feedback and solicit that you frequent ECU wall on facebook (we also intend to collapse all the ECU accounts on facebook into single account and please encourage as many ECU brethren that you know are on facebook to join the train. Also, there will be several reunion programmes this year. Let’s turn our brethren wedding venues to a place of reunion.

Finally, please make up your mind to be at Reunion 2011. You have 21 months and 2 week to go!

God bless you.


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