More than Faithfulness!!!

At 4pm on Sunday January 9, 2010, a brand new ECU Hiace bus entered OAU campus. Total cost was within a whisper of N5 million.
I’m still not sure that it’s real – a mere 15 days before that time, it looked next to impossible. Yet through His means and using His people, God surprised us. The Student Fellowship, asked for a name, bent the Queen’s English and christened it ‘More Than Faithfulness’. They were right.

Indeed God proved to us that He is with this Household, and in the time when we had all but given up, He showed up. My prayer for us all this year is that in every turn and at every corner, God will show up on our behalf. Indeed we ran in 2010 – but we will fly in 2011!

ECU is not, and will never be, dependent on an Exco, a Committee or collection of heroes. In his own way, God desires to make us all to be part of His Army, and as we commit to Him, He trains us and sets us in our places as He assembles AN EXCEEDING GREAT ARMY.

The Bible is dotted with men and women who ‘made things happen’ without being in the limelight – by being faithful, being sold out for God and supporting His purposes. From Enoch to Joshua, Hannah to ‘minor’ prophets like Amos; multitudes of Mary’s, Dorcas, Barnabas, Timothy…Scripture is filled with those who didn’t bother about the office/title but got the job done. We have found within us this same breed of Christian – and it is a heartwarming discovery.

To all these People of Encouragement, we say thank you.

  • To UK Alumni who gave the first seed months and months ago, heaven sees your gift.
  • To the elder brother who called the Alumni President out of the blue to declare that ‘we can do it this year’ – heaven applauds you.
  • To the elder brother who gave a cheque that ‘broke the camel’s back’ and insists on anonymity – heaven alone can reward you.
  • To the 40+ brethren who paid their Annual Dues in 2010, we thank you. Your gift ‘tipped it over the line’. Heaven will bless you with great things.
  • To Abuja & USA Chapters – newly formed yet such vibrant fellowships, we are challenged!
  • To my friend the Doc, and our inspirational mother who gave sacrificially with one day to go, your heart and hands have given to God – they will bless millions!
  • To the Students – N1 million is no small donation from a student body in record time. We trust God to strengthen you and enable greater things & secure His heritage through you.

To everyone who prayed, even as little as a word, for this Household; who told someone about Reunion 2011, who has good thoughts in their hearts about this House of God no matter what their pockets were saying, we appreciate you. The God of ECU, He Sees You, and heard your whisper of prayer.
Keep it coming.

Its 2011. It’s a Reunion Year, and like the ECU Alumni Body, you can start with an account balance of zero, both in the bank and elsewhere. Because we serve a God who is more than enough. Take with you this encouragement : If God can buy a bus for ECU, He can take care of me.

Have a great year, and see you in our Chapter Meetings and at Reunion 2011. Don’t forget to inform others and pay your annual dues – its only N5k minimum, and we really need it this year. Finally, please send details of other brethren [Name, Phone Number/Email] to our direct line +2347043103788 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that they can be added to our database.
See you at the top.

Bayodele Olotu - Alumni VP

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