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Welcome to 2013
A Goodwill Message
From: ECU Alumni Exco, Lagos Chapter

To: All beloved ECU Alumni family, partakers in the holy heritage by which we were nurtured, especially those based in Lagos.

We adore God with you for His grace wherein He has made us triumphed in 2012, and given us the gift of life in this new year.

We also thank you for your unflinching support in 2012.

That was the year we resolved to strengthen the bonds that connected us- we called on you and you answered: you came for the Alumni Dinner at Sheraton; you pledged and willingly gave to the work. You heeded our call and updated your data, now compiled in a directory, which has been successfully published. We called upon you to meetings, and you came, despite your busy schedules.

We also asked you to come for our Business Gym program and you did; you even invested in our upcoming oil and gas company, Inspirix Services Ltd.

In 2012, we resolved to reach out to families. So you heeded our call and brought your family to Funtopia, as we together rejoiced and relaxed after a year full of work.

You stood by us, you prayed for us; you encouraged us, you volunteered, you gave to the work, you made the work easier.

Mark this well: not a jot of your sowing will fail; for these are not unto us, but unto the Lord, the One who founded ECU and ordained it as the family through whom nations shall be blessed in this end-time.

Therefore the same Almighty God will bless the works of your hands. He will open new doors in this year of our advancement.

You will shine forth as a city set on the hill. You emerge from under the bushel and your light will shine forth to the ends of the earth. This shall be your year of significance.

There are still a lot to do in 2013: We shall be holding a Retreat programme Couples Advance in March; a dinner around June and of course the 50th anniversary reunion shall hold in September, 2013. We also look forward to the release of our musical album and a film from 4-5.

Happy New Year.

We are pleased to announce that the Lord has provided us a full time Executive Secretary. He is Bro. Jide Bello. He resumed work officially on 01-01-2013. With this development, there will be improved running of the secretariat, towards a better service to the family. Please endeavour to pay your annual dues and redeem your pledges to enable us serve you better. 2013 holds great promises and together, we shall see them fulfilled in Jesus name.

We commend you to the hands of the Most High. He will protect you and guide you! He will keep you and make the fullness of His countenance to shine upon you. He will mark you out for favour. You will have a great testimony to share at the Reunion!

Let's do exploits again!

For: ECU Alumni Exco. Lagos Chapter

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