ECU Memories

Some months ago I decided to post on Facebook, over sixty photos from my ECU days, dating back to over 20 years ago.

For almost a year now these photos have prompted a lot of reactions from ex-ECU-ites (like I call them).

Here are a few of those reactions:

I almost shed tears of joy looking at those pictures and remembering those wonderful days, the love, joy and oneness we shared as brethren ~ Golden Kailo

I thank God for ECU. And I thank God that we're still thanking God. ~ Pastor Sean Akinrele

E CU - what a training ground! We thank God for His faithfulness. – Bode Akindele

ECU- wonderful fellowship, great friends, beautiful communion. Let's continue to earnestly contend for the faith which was delivered to us long ago as we look unto Jesus who is the beginning and completion of our faith – Gbenga Daramola

I have enjoyed going through these pics, names that I only heard of as a student (I was in Ife in '94-'01 and only know 4-5 folks mainly), now having faces. Your testimony spoke to us and still burns bright. May God keep us all unto His perfect day....

God richly bless you, Bayo, and all the ex-ECUs. ECU was my life and everything, so to speak. And God blessed us to no ends despite the many limitations of our particular environment. If I have to live my life all over again, I would doubtless be in ECU, except with one addition perhaps: that I will might be a member of the royal family of England. "Prince Joseph goes to Unife," the press would report. ~ Pastor Joe Takon

ECU was ‘it’ for me too, though I spent 7 years on a four year course (I’m not proud of that bit but I’m not ashamed either) I'm glad ECU made it worthwhile in every way, I have no regrets; none whatsoever ~ Kunle Olowosoyo

There was something about the years in ECU that shaped all of us. Almost all of us will agree with me that our true spiritual DNA is not just that of the Christian movements we are presently part of. Rather it is rooted in the deep dealings of God in our lives in those formative years in ECU.

That is why ECU Alumni is so important to all of us. It gives us all an opportunity to keep strengthening the ECU body in Ife. So that new generations can continue to experience the same baptism we did and be positioned for usefulness where ever God takes them afterwards. The ECU Alumni also creates for us, who have drunk from the same fountain, an atmosphere where we can continue to provoke each other to love and good works in these dark times. I thank God for ECU. Don’t you?

Chimezie Onyebilanma
Serving the unreached with CAPRO in South Africa

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