A tale of Mr 'X'!

On a day like this, I want to bring to memory some things 'love' brought about while we were in ECU.

I'm writing today about a young man who was my room mate in Angola hall. For the purpose of anonymity I'll call him mr 'X'. He was an engineering student who as at when we were roommates was probably involved with some asian religion, and he regularly did unusual 'meditations' in the room.

I suddenly observed at a time that Mr 'X' started attending ECU service, I was happy and guessed he had been invited by another friend and co - roommate; Emmanuel Bolofinde. On interaction with him however, I found out he has been coming to ECU because he had spotted a pretty usher in ECU who captivated his attention. Unknown to this beautiful sister; who I'll call RolakeG (I guess she may even be knowing this for the first time), Mr 'X' comes to ECU just to shake hands with her and he goes back to his room relishing the experience. He got so infatuated that all his roommates already knew her name. According to him even the name is romantic: Rollicks! Unfortunately, I don't think Rolake even knew this guy at all.

At the turn of the next choice, she was moved to be a Follow up teacher. Mr 'X' then decided to join follow up school, hoping to become her student. He even told me that if he's assigned to another teacher he won't come back to follow up school.

When Mr 'X' got to follow up school he was assigned as a student to another sister by the name Deola. According to him, he looked at the sister and told himself that this person too is beautiful and he decided to stay.

That was the beginning of Mr 'X' s salvation story...he gave his life to Christ in follow up school and all his infatuations became translated into a love for the Lord.

By the time he graduated, he was a commited member of Hospital Visit Subgroup in ECU. He had also located his calling as an intercessor and became an active member of Intercessors for Nigeria. I don't think he ever got close to Rolake after he got born again. He was close to Deola who was her follow up teacher (and I guess led him to christ) but without strings attached. When he was graduating, I reminded him of his former fantasies and he laughed. He gained a brand new life in his chase of vanity!

This is one of the more unusual stories of what God did 'silently' in ECU, and He is the same God today. Being part of such a special people, contributing positively to growth both of the student and alumni fellowship, attending the few Chapter Meetings and the biannual Reunion, and giving the token that is our annual due, is the very least we can do to propagate our testimony. For indeed, the God of ECU remains alive forever in our hearts, lives and pockets!

Oluwadotun Akinseinde

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