ECU prepared its members for fruitful service in the Kingdom

Once after relocating from one part of London to another, I had a chat with the pastor of the new church I was attending who himself happened to be an ECU alumnus, although several generations ahead of me in ECU. In the course of our discussion, he indicated he would so much love that I partnered with him in building the church. His confidence in me then was based simply on the fact that I had passed through ECU and also had the privilege of holding a leadership position (as World Prayer Band Leader 1997). In a nutshell, he told me he had that great confidence in the quality of the Christian life that people who passed through ECU possess!

I came to Great Ife in 1993/94 session but having been attending a 'small-sized' church at home; I felt I would like to join a 'big' fellowship on campus for a change. So when I saw the big ECU bus (aka God's faithfulness, I think), I naturally gravitated towards the fellowship and became a member. What was unique about my ECU experience? Several! The commitment to the pursuit of righteousness was the greatest singular defining experience I could talk of. That commitment shaped my life in no small way and continues to do so even now, 12 years after graduating. The heavenly congregational worship led by the blessed ECU choir in our services at All Souls Chapel every Sunday 3pm-6pm remain a unique reference point till date. I also observed ECU prepared its members for fruitful service in the Kingdom more than any other thing. It was more about what you want to do for God than what you can collect from God. It was through ECU I learnt to pray to get results and spend quality time in God's presence consistently.

Through ECU- the people I met and the opportunities that came my way there, I learnt the value of the Word and how to receive life-transforming insights from scriptures. The demands of ECU inevitably placed me in a position to develop discipline habits, beneficial paradigm and a balanced Christian life. The days of Abagboro for Exco retreats; the various Easter, fellowship and subgroup retreats on Campus, UNILAG, Ilesa etc which sometimes necessitated my staying back on campus, were life transforming. I enjoyed quality relationships with others as an ECUite, all of which aided me in different areas of my life. I was equally blessed to find my wife in ECU, having started the 'moves' on her in my final year. I can say confidently that the man that came to ECU in 1993/94 was not the same me that left in 1997/98.

Moreover, having grown wiser since then, I have now realized that the generations of former ECUites owe the current and future generations a sacred duty of helping them become all they can become in God. I therefore see the Alumni body as a unique platform to be able to reach out to the next generation of ECU to offer them all the needed support- spiritually, financially, academically, career-wise and in all ramifications. To this end, I will be taking steps to renew my commitment to the Alumni body by way of participation and giving in order to sustain this glorious legacy. God bless

Ayo Adebamowo

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