Strength to move forward

Life, as has often been said, is in phases. As individuals within this body of believers, at every snapshot of time we find ourselves in various phases, with few unifying factors. Some are in students still, in relationships, married, in middle life, working, retired and what have you.

However, in our individual situations, we have been Contesting for the Faith with various degrees of success as God [and our own consistency] permits. We have worked all day long and into the night. After midnight each day, we have prepared ourselves for the morning, validating our opinions by referencing the Ancient Landmark as we step to each new day.

The reality of things is that life isn’t always obedient to all the nice, well-thought formulae. Even with the cushion of grace, the fingers of the proverbial hand are not equal. We all have challenges; for some it is how to send a child to school abroad, for some it is how to pay for a Nigerian school, for some it is the need for a child after a decade of marriage; for some it is the quest for finances which would permit them to marry in the first place. For some, it is who to marry after over three decades of birthdays. Marital issues, employment, job security/insecurity, government reforms that seem to be doing more of reforming employment status via sack letters, staying sane with wayward kids, staying cool in the midst of ‘more successful’ mates who weren’t as brainy or holy in ‘those days’, starting off a business either out of frustration or decision,….the list goes on. Do we need to deny the fact that man’s days are short but well… has some troubles at least? For the student body, it is probably the challenge to stay relevant in an age where standards are slipping, increase numbers in stiff competition, and satisfy a bunch of sometimes-nice, sometimes critical egbons like me.

The reality is that we have daily challenges. They come fast but leave slowly. Some of us are right within them. We are models of virtue but don’t get called up as co-launchers; love kids and have none, are in the ministry of helps but need help; pastor effectively but often need strength just to go through the day; wear suits to work but feel burdened.

Yes, lets rehearse the ancient landmarks, wrestle for the faith all day and night – borrow a friend to ‘join us in prayer’ too. We will still face challenges. The victorious Christian is not he who won yesterday; he has to keep winning in a multifaceted war against various foes who pull no punches.

The focus of this reunion is not to drag you back to the high old eighties as a model of great living or to examine all the global revivals since 1233 B.C. Its setting is the realities in our lives TODAY and its focus is our enablement to move forward in life despite the issues that keep snapping at our heels.

We pledge allegiance to the Lamb, knowing that it won’t be easy or always nice, through our storms and through the issues that keep snapping on our heels. We will lift up others - even those facing similar situations to ours. We will make that business decision even though a slightly less principled one would yield millions more. We would attend naming ceremonies, birthdays and graduations even while believing God for our own little bundle o’ joy!

Yes, we will strap on our sandals though the buckles be dented, we will belt up and strap on our battered uniform, we will keep on that oft-heavy breastplate, we will preach even though its Iran and ‘when you are in Rome you should do like the Romans’, we will fight the good fight while fighting to keep our businesses afloat, we will tune out the threats and the concerned voices of those who have ‘done this Christin thing before’, we will raise our feet, move is a step forward, stick it firmly in the slippery sand, and repeat the process again.

Ladies and gentlemen, come hell or high water, we will live, we will survive, we will thrive, we will MOVE FORWARD!

If you are committed to this dream, stand up and be counted, as we forward-movers assemble at Ife in Oct 2007. It is not a Reunion for those who have ‘got it together’, made it, got something to show off or feel nostalgic about old glories. It is a gathering of those who say ‘Nearer my God to thee’ while being committed to moving to a higher level. Lets meet together, discuss, pray and fellowship, as we receive the strength to move forward:

Reunion Main Theme : STRENGTH TO MOVE FORWARD. Deuteronomy 1:6-8:

Our focus is the empowering of brethren to move forward in life in the face of any circumstances; to stand above situations and be effective Christians in the face of any and all challenges.

• ‘Strength To Step Out’ is aimed at school leavers, professionals and those who want to ‘start that business I’ve always been dreaming about’
• ‘Strength To Stand Firm’ addresses the challenges of serving God and staying relevant in a changing world, with changes in technology, beliefs, media, world view etc.
• Strength for Healthy Living – This addresses health issues and how to stay strong all through life without buying those supplements.
• ‘Strength to Wait on His Word’ addresses the challenges that we face in marriage, both before in the complex maelstrom that is the human relationship, and after.

God bless you as you plan to attend.

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